Coming Soon: Eadweard Muybridge Semi-Nudes

We’re developing a collection of the semi-nude portions of the massive body of 19th Century photography work by Eadward Muybridge on Animal Locomotion, which included nude, semi-nude, and clothed people and animals.  You can find these pictures in many places, but not in an orderly summary collection like ours.  Coming soon!  It’s a big project.

Naked Play with Sunlight, Water, Silhouette and Shadow

An hour’s hike into the forest, we arrived at the waterfront campsite just in time for the mid-September sun to drown the warm cove in mid-day light.

We took a few pictures, then she began to undress. Who was I to be uncooperative? I stripped, too.

Now, seven months later, there are two original nude photos she agreed to release to QuasiNudum, and creative variants of them, with emphasis on “quasi” nude:

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The Strange Story and Fabulous Draping of Selene (Diana) and Endymion

Cate Blanchett as Galadriel in Lord of the Rings

If Cate Blanchett can wield the invisible Nenya ring as the mind-reading elven queen Galadriel, and in another life be married to Brad Pitt born old and aging backward as Benjamin Button, then they ought to make a movie about the love life of Selene and Endymion in which these two actors would excel, as they do in all their roles.


Brad Pitt as Benjamin Button, in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

In this movie, as we see it, Selene (or Selena, sometimes a.k.a. Luna, who is not really the same as Selena), the promiscuous third of a two-thirds virgin triple moon goddess falls into irresistible lust for a chronically narcoleptic hero shepherd who is also a king, sneaks up on him in his state of eternal sleep and youth, and bears fifty of his children (not to mention the ones he gave his wives).

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Diana and Endymion, painting by Francesco Solimena created from 1705 to 1710

Well, that’s one sloppy way to sum up hours of homework on the subject. There are many variations on the stories of Selena’s life, Endymion’s life, and their relationship. They date back as far as (and likely farther than) the 8th Century B.C.E. (No, that does not mean Before Christ Emerged.)

Read on and see many more pictures, each more dazzling (and sexy) than the one before …

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Sean Connery as Nude Model and Mr. Universe Contestant

Sir Sean Connery posed for this nude painting in 1951 before his acting breakthrough, painted by Robert Webster.  No, it’s not an abstract or an exaggeration.  That was his body.  In 1953 he was in the Mr. Universe competition.

Sir Sean Connery nude on public display – BBC News 7 July 2011.  Click for larger image.
BBC News report on 7 July 2011, excerpt:

A nude painting of Sir Sean Connery discovered in a Scottish Borders artist’s unseen collection is to go on public display for the first time.

It was painted in 1951 when the James Bond star was working as an unknown nude model for Edinburgh students.

The oil on canvas was discovered by relatives of artist Rab Webster, who died last year aged 83.

The painting will be part of an exhibition starting on Saturday in Mr Webster’s home town of Selkirk.

The former art teacher was a student at Edinburgh College of Art when Sir Sean posed for students shortly before his acting breakthrough.

The Connery work will be part of a selection of Mr Webster’s art going on display at Halliwell’s House Museum’s Oor Rob exhibition.

Another Young Sir Sean Connery Portrait Unveiled

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“My Butterfly. My Axe.”

She does a terrific job with that crusty old axe. I wish I had butterflies that big in my garden. The use of black-and-white makes the person leap out of the picture, as if three-dimensional.

lemanshots - Fine Pictures and Digital Art

Lemanshots_GirlDesigned and created by Josephine R. Unglaub

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“In a Cage”

Random first impressions of an observer, regardless of anything intended by the artist (of which we know nothing, and have not asked): In the piece below titled, In a Cage, the man is escaping into, and taking refuge in the old abandoned house through one window that is not boarded up, a place that has also granted refuge to birds. The birds are surprised at his arrival, but curious and not unwelcoming. He is consoling the nearest bird, assuring it he means no harm. He is naked because he has run here suddenly, without notice, without time to dress, and this is the way he typically dresses at home. His black-and-white appearance emphasizes by contrast the colorful character of his refuge, where, after lingering a while, he will become colorful, too. Rather, he will regain the color he has at home, after he warms up from the chill of his harried escape. The character of this refuge is not in mere color, but in condition, an old, abandoned place with a sense of history, nostalgia, warmth and seclusion. Padding naked through the house will be a mildly exciting exploration for him, and take his mind off his naked vulnerability and pursuers. The man is young, possibly a teenager. His skin-tight shorts enhance and sharpen the impact of his nudity. He is beautiful in every visible respect, including movement. As to the fork-legged banana-bird and it’s seeming deceased companion: does not fit my story, but then what kind of story would it be if everything always fit? Life never allows that, why should art? Thank you, Ms. Unglaub, for this intriguing use of nudity, for the fascinating design and beauty of this piece, and for the fun of playing with whimsical notions about it. It does not need any interpretation at all. It is just a delight to look at.

Visitors, what do you see in this picture?

lemanshots - Fine Pictures and Digital Art


Designed and created by Josephine R. Unglaub.

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QuasiNudum often explores the question, “What is nakedness or nudity? What makes it partial or whole?” This gripping piece, titled Transfer, by Josephine R. Unglaub could be asking such questions. Or are the questions not asked by the art or the artist, but inspired in the observer? In this piece, who is the observer, really? Isn’t she looking right at you, asking you something? Inviting you someplace? To transfer to another venue? The nudity here is both delicious and haunting, inviting and challenging, and simply beautiful.  Thank you, Ms. Unglaub.

lemanshots - Fine Pictures and Digital Art


Designed and created by Josephine R. Unglaub.

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